Sunday, September 21, 2014


Voters in Scotland reject independence in historic vote with unprecedented turnout

EDINBURGH — Scottish voters have resoundingly rejected independence, deciding to remain part of the United Kingdom after a historic referendum that shook the country to its core.

UN rights chief: Up to 500 migrant deaths in boat wreck on Mediterranean may be mass murder

GENEVA — The deaths of up to 500 migrants and refugees in an intentional boat-ramming in the Mediterranean Sea last week could be an act of mass murder, the U.N. rights chief said Friday, calling for nations to properly investigate the incident.

46 years after it was stolen, Jaguar convertible found on cargo ship; owner to get it b

LOS ANGELES — Forty-six years ago Ivan Schneider, successful Manhattan lawyer, bought himself the Jaguar convertible that would feature in a most unusual tale of unrequited love.
It was the first (and “prettiest”) of many luxury cars he would own, his companion on fast drives — and the only one that was ever stolen.

Cleared of murder, Oscar Pistorius is convicted of culpable homicide in girlfriend’s killing

PRETORIA, South Africa — A South African judge on Friday found Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide in the shooting death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and declared him not guilty of murder. Prosecutors said they were disappointed by the ruling but would decide on whether to appeal only after sentencing.

Oscar Pistorius murder trial: Judge says athlete cannot be found guilty of murder

PRETORIA, South Africa — The judge in Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial appeared to be heading for a culpable homicide finding Thursday after ruling out both premeditated murder and murder verdicts in the shooting death of the double-amputee Olympic athlete’s girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

New York City condo building to offer $1 million parking spots; that’s $6,666 per square foot

NEW YORK — A condo development in New York City’s pricy SoHo neighbourhood is charging for a parking spot as much as it would cost to buy a nice house in Dallas or Seattle — $1 million.

High-tech survey looks beneath Stonehenge, finds previously unknown monuments

LONDON — A high-tech survey reveals that there is more to Stonehenge than meets the eye, finding previously unknown monuments.
Researchers have produced digital maps of what’s beneath the World Heritage Site, using ground-penetrating radar, high-resolution magnetometers and other techniques to peer deep into the soil.

New currency for a new country? Scotland faces range of options, risks if it breaks from UK

There’ll be no going back if Scotland votes for independence from the United Kingdom on Sept. 18.
Opinion polls showing that may happen have prompted investors to sell off the British pound. If a knockout blow is dealt to Scotland’s 307-year union with England, that selling could accelerate as the U.K. plunges into a constitutional crisis.

With polls tight on Scottish independence, rest of UK worries about risks of breakaway

BERWICK-UPON-TWEED, England — All Gavin Jones has to do is scan the shelves of his impossibly quaint shop on England’s border with Scotland to know he’ll have a big problem if the Scots declare independence next week.

Canadian Ebola mobile laboratory team heads back to Sierra Leone

TORONTO — Canada is sending its mobile Ebola laboratory back into action in Sierra Leone.
The Public Health Agency of Canada said that the team had left Saturday to resume running a lab that supports an Ebola treatment centre at Kailahun, in eastern Sierra Leone.

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