Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Women are more conservative investors than men and want safer investments:study

TORONTO — It seems that it can still be a man’s world when it comes to investing.
A new survey says 83 per cent of Canadians believe that investing has traditionally been viewed as a role for men, and 48 per cent contend that women are intimidated by investing.

Booming craft beer movement looking to bigger rivals for lessons on quality, consistency

RICHMOND, Va. — Scoff if you must at mass domestic beers, but lessons learned from the makers of Budweiser and Miller Lite are helping to make sure your craft beer tastes the same from pint to pint.

Workers at Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay, Ont., ratify new contract

THUNDER BAY, Ont. — Striking workers at the Bombardier Inc. (TSX:BBD.B) light rail plant in Thunder Bay, Ont., have ratified a new contract agreement with the company. Details of the agreement voted on by some 900 members of Unifor Local 1075 were not immediately available.

League sponsors weigh options as NFL begins investigation into Rice video

Major brand sponsors are watching closely to make sure the National Football League doesn’t fumble the investigation into how its executives handled evidence in the Ray Rice domestic violence case.

Rogers rejects ‘pick-and-pay’ for TV billing

GATINEAU, Que.—While predicting a sea change in how Canadians get their TV programming, one of the country’s biggest cable-service providers rejects the idea of allowing viewers to pay for television channels one at a time.
Rogers Communications has told the country’s broadcast regulator it agrees with a proposal to offer its customers a smaller basic service.

Consider changes to RRSPs, before provincial pension plan, says C.D. Howe

TORONTO — Ottawa is being urged to reconsider enhancing RRSPs as a way of getting more Canadians to save for retirement.
The paper by the C.D. Howe Institute says policy-makers often overlook improving Registered Retirement Savings Plans because, it is argued, not enough people actually make contributions.

EI premium cut expected to be announced by Finance Minister Joe Oliver

TORONTO — Finance Minister Joe Oliver is expected to announce that he will lower employment insurance premiums.
Oliver is holding a news conference today at 11 a.m EDT in Toronto at a flooring company, where he will announce measures to help small businesses.

Canadian Tire to add digital option to its famous Canadian Tire money program

TORONTO — Canadian Tire money, known for its fictional Scottish character Sandy McTire, is going digital.
Canadian Tire (TSX:CTC.A) says it’s expanding its rewards program next month by offering a digital option to customers who want to collect and redeem Canadian Tire money on a card or smartphone.

Army to get bomb-sniffing robots for chemical, biological and dirty bomb threats

OTTAWA — The Canadian military is spending nearly $10 million to acquire 20 high-tech robots meant to sniff out radioactive dirty bombs as well as chemical and biological weapons.
The deal was announced Monday by the U.S.-based company iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), which won the contract through an open tender.

Home Depot confirms data breach, says it affected customers in Canada, U.S.

TORONTO — Home Depot has confirmed that security at its payment system was breached and that customers who made credit card purchases at its Canadian and U.S. stores could be affected.

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