Friday, April 17, 2015


Coming to the rye: New brands of rye herald the resurgence of a traditional whiskey

Fans of brown spirits are taking a rye approach to imbibing.
Hot on the heels of the bourbon boom, more ryes are appearing on shelves as consumers explore whiskey’s spicier, fruitier side. “People are rediscovering rye whisky and its unique flavour,” says Dan Tullio, master ambassador for Canadian whisky for Beam Suntory, which just launched its Alberta Rye Dark Batch Whisky.

Portland chef Jenn Louis demystifies handmade dumplings, gnocchi in new cookbook

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — When Portland chef Jenn Louis set out to perfect pasta dumplings in Italy, she was occasionally met with such disdain from local chefs she might as well have been trying to push the doughy fare to the Paleo diet crowd.

Golden, amber, dark or very dark: Which maple syrup suits your taste?

When shopping for maple syrup at the grocery store, consumers should read the label to be sure the product is 100 per cent pure.
But when it comes to which flavour suits their needs, the labels can be confusing.

Fill plate with leafy greens for nutrient boost without the calories

LONDON, Ont. — “If I had a dollar for every time I told someone to eat more greens ...” says registered dietitian Kate Comeau.
The spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada is talking about all kinds of green vegetables — “the more variety the better” — but leafy greens such as lettuces, kale, arugula, spinach and collard greens are an important part of the wider group, she says.

Greens delicious in salads with barley and lentils or used as a crunchy wrap

There are myriad greens available at grocery stores and, in season, at farmers markets. For a change of pace, make a point of incorporating some different varieties into your meals.
Registered dietitian Kate Comeau suggests adding greens to dishes in which you might not usually use them — chopped up or pureed into spaghetti sauce or used as a pizza topping, for example.

Recipes for fun gatherings: Candy sushi for kids, cinnamon buns for adults

Whether it’s a sleepover or birthday party, it’s fun to get children involved in planning and helping to make food to entertain their friends, says Julie Van Rosendaal, co-author with Jan Scott of the cookbook “Gatherings: Bringing People Together With Food” (Whitecap Books).
“Having great sleepover parties is one of the pleasures of childhood,” says Van Rosendaal.

Recipes for rainbow salad platters, colourful muffins and soup, crunchy cookies

Regular meal times and family-style meals — with the food served in bowls on the table, rather than on individual plates made up beforehand — are both important aspects of Janet Nezon’s approach to encouraging children to make nutritious food choices.

Undersized spuds, blemished apples to be sold by Loblaw as ‘Naturally Imperfect’

TORONTO — Loblaw Companies has launched a program to sell blemished, misshapen or undersized produce under the No Name Naturally Imperfect brand.
The produce, to be sold in select grocery stores across Ontario and Quebec, will cost up to 30 per cent less than other fruits and vegetables.

EASTER: Recipe for brown sugar coconut meringue cake

It’s just not Easter without some sort of coconut dessert, whether it’s a classic Southern coconut cake or a creamy coconut chocolate egg. So this year we decided to take our inspiration from both of those to create a fresh, yet still familiar dessert for rounding out our Easter dinner.

EASTER DINNER: Recipe for roasted ducks with citrus-tomato chutney

Perhaps this will be the year you break out of your ham rut.

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