Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Grilling gurus debate pros and cons of charcoal and gas barbecues

TORONTO — Barbecue expert Ted Reader, who has more than 50 different types of grills, waxes eloquent when explaining his love for cooking with charcoal rather than gas.
“A gas grill gives you instantaneous heat. Charcoal gives you love,” the chef says from his Toronto backyard.

LEMONADE SEASON: Recipes for easy infused lemonade, including cucumber, herbal and mango-chili

We’re going to come at this one a little backward, and you’re going to love us for it.
Straight up fresh lemonade is, of course, delicious. It’s the classic summer refreshment. And we’re going to walk you through making a truly wonderful basic lemonade, as well as some terrific infused lemonades that doctor up that basic batch with some fantastic complementary flavours.

PICNIC SEASON: For picnic season, dessert has to be portable, so try a recipe for gorp hermits

When it comes to packing a picnic, the savory items are easy. Sandwiches and wraps. Potato and pasta salads. Chips and dips.

Culinary siblings turn tables on pasta’s bad rap with recipes under 500 calories

TORONTO — The vilification of pasta in some corners has caused culinary siblings Joe Bastianich and Tanya Bastianich Manuali to leap to its defence.

Recipes for frittata, baked rigatoni and gemelli with pea and mint pesto

In their new cookbook “Healthy Pasta,” co-authors Joseph Bastianich and Tanya Bastianich Manuali dish the skinny on how to enjoy pasta dishes that are healthy and flavourful.
Using inventive ways of combining ingredients, the brother and sister have achieved a collection of 100 recipes clocking in at under 500 calories per serving.

FOOD FINDS: A new Sriracha-spiked ketchup that is worth getting excited about?

We all have THAT food, the food we eat when nobody else is looking. Mine involves ketchup.

From hot bourbon brands to hot sauce, producers tap into American oak as flavour booster

OAKVILLE, Calif. — Napa Valley vintner David Duncan has been known to stick his head in an American white oak barrel to get a full hit of the vanilla-laden, fresh-baked cookie smell the emanates from the wood.

Potato salad: A favourite side dish with summer barbecues and picnics

LONDON, Ont. — If the Victoria Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, it must also be the unofficial start of potato salad season.
“I think potato salad is still as popular as ever, especially in the summer,” says chef Jo Lusted. “For picnics and barbecues, potato salad is the quintessential summer favourite.”

Potato salad recipes: Traditional, lightened up, grilled and with salsa

Some people swear by traditional potato salad while others are venturing into new territory with the addition of grilled potatoes and other ingredients to create a Mediterranean, Mexican or Asian flair.
Here are some recipes to try.


Fast-food kale? McDonald’s brings three kale salads to Canada

TORONTO — Canadian McDonald’s outlets are now serving up new salads featuring an unexpected ingredient from the struggling fast-food giant: Kale.
The world’s biggest burger chain, in a battle to reinvent itself, introduced three salads in Canada on Thursday with trendy kale as an ingredient.

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