Thursday, October 23, 2014


Take the time

As of Monday, the number of returned ballots for the municipal election here in Fort Frances was pegged at 1,939, or about 35 percent of the total eligible voters.
That number certainly isn’t anything to cheer about although it was markedly better than the figures as of Friday, when the total stood at 1,566 returned ballots (or less than 29 percent).

Salute youth

Take a look around—at school, in the library, at church, or on the field.
There are young “stars” everywhere who are making a difference, inspiring others, and building community. Yet many may not even realize the effect they are having on others.
As such, it’s time once again to recognize their dedication and nominate them for the 2014 Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award.

Have your say

The candidates for Fort Frances mayor and council have made the choice to seek election, and have been pleading their case for office through lawn signs, advertising, pamphlets, submitting profiles, and speaking at last night’s forum sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce.
Now it’s the voters’ turn to decide who they’d like to see lead our town for the next four years.

Re-open ‘caf’

Why a high school as large as Fort High is unable to offer its students cafeteria-style food over the lunch hour is hard to fathom—yet that’s precisely the case to start the school year.

Small price

Despite the hefty price tag of perhaps $100,000, the Fort Frances Lakers have agreed to host the Dudley Hewitt Cup next spring.
The benefits are obvious. First and foremost, the Lakers—as host team—get an automatic berth into the tournament, the winner of which advances to the national Junior ‘A’ championship (the RBC Cup).

Great to see

Those who thought the current economic challenges facing Fort Frances would dissuade candidates from seeking election as mayor or councillor were way off base.
Four years ago, the current mayor and council all were acclaimed. Talk about a major about-face this time around.

Do it for Terry

The memory and legacy of Terry Fox will live on again this Sunday when communities across Canada and around the world stage the annual walk/run that bears his name.

Sky’s the limit

Ahh, the first day of school. The wistfulness of another summer vacation coming to an end mixed with the excitement of entering a new grade and seeing all your friends again.

Head scratcher

Town council’s abrupt decision yesterday to drop the referendum question—on whether Fort Frances should be considered as a future site of a gaming facility (casino)—from the ballot for this fall’s municipal election is a real head scratcher.

Are we safe?

More than 20 trains pass through Rainy River, Emo and Fort Frances daily to cross the bridge at Ranier to begin travelling south to Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago and down to the Gulf of Mexico. Over years with modern technology those trains have grown in length and now stretch for over three miles.

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