Monday, April 21, 2014


Embrace brand

It’s apt that the new brand logo for “Fort Frances Boundless” can be interpreted as a phoenix, as it indicates the community’s energy to rise again from the ashes and flourish—after all, it’s something the community has done since the first trading fort was established at the mouth of Rainy Lake.

Why bother?

How does that old saying go? He who has the money makes the rules (or words to that effect).
That’s obviously the case with the Ministry of Education, which denied the Rainy River District School Board’s application for funding to build a new Donald Young School in Emo.

Ask question

It seems referendums on casinos are almost as common here as those held in Quebec to determine its future.
Despite a majority saying “no” back in 1997, town council appears poised to put the issue before voters yet again during the upcoming municipal election on Oct. 27—yesterday approving the wording of the question.

Wrong route

It appears an embarrassing—and downright ridiculous—situation is on the verge of being rectified, at least in the short-term.
Word the province is willing to lease the former Ontario Travel Information Centre to the Town of Fort Frances, allowing the building to re-open after being shuttered for the past two seasons, is welcome news—but still the wrong route.


Every effort to combat bullying is commendable—and kudos to the local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association in challenging the community to participate in this year’s “International Day of Pink” on April 9.

Show support

If the results of last week’s web poll accurately reflect current sentiments, a majority of people (albeit a narrow one) don’t miss a winter carnival here in Fort Frances.

Go for gold

It seems only fitting—as we anxiously wait to find out Saturday night whether Fort Frances remains in the running for the 2014 Kraft “Hockeyville” title—that both Muskie hockey teams capped stellar seasons by winning NorWOSSA gold over the weekend and advancing to their respective OFSAA championships.

Settle dispute

There are two ways to proceed after last week’s “two-chain” ruling handed down by Justice J.S. Fregeau, which backed the Town of Fort Frances’ claim of ownership to the strip of land along the shore of Rainy Lake from just before the Ranier bridge to the Nanicost building.

Tough call

Using taxpayers’ money for economic development is nothing new.
The federal and provincial governments fund a myriad of grant programs and tax incentives. Here in Fort Frances, the town offers various incentives aimed at attracting businesses and spurring development—and even recruiting new physicians.

Great start

The call went out—and the community responded in resounding fashion.
When nominations for the 2014 Kraft “Hockeyville” competition closed at midnight Sunday, Fort Frances had garnered 265 members as well as 365 uploads of stories/photos in support of our bid.

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