Thursday, July 24, 2014


Use it or lose it

Given the rash of thefts here of late, the OPP once again has been pushing its “Lock it or lose it” public awareness campaign to remind people to protect their property.
“Use it or lose it” is another adage district residents should take to heart; particularly in the case when it applies to supporting local festivals and events.

First step

It’s safe to say most district families, at some point, have had to travel to Thunder Bay or Winnipeg to access medical services not offered locally.

Real shame

It’s too bad Mother Nature had to rain on our proverbial parade.
True, the annual Canada Day parade itself went ahead yesterday morning and thankfully the leaden skies, cool temperatures, and drizzle failed to dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of those who turned out to show off their Canadian pride.

Better safe

As Fort Frances Fire Chief Frank Sheppard himself acknowledged at Monday night’s council meeting, there will be complaints—and questions—about all the fuss should the level of the upper Rainy River fail to reach the sandbags now lining Front Street.

Back to work

Last Thursday’s provincial election is but a distant memory here as district residents battle a major flood threat for the second time in 12 years.

Right gesture

Choosing names for towns, streets, buildings, and parks always is done with the best of intentions. Most salute historical figures or pioneers, and those who made outstanding contributions to the community.
They are meant to celebrate our past and typically are a source of great pride.


The summer tournament fishing circuit in Northwestern Ontario kicks into full swing with the Emo Walleye Classic later this week, but it remains to be seen what kind of season 2014 will bring.

Turn the page

We’re all in the same canoe and we all have to paddle in the same direction to get anywhere.
It’s nothing new, of course—that’s always been the case. But given Resolute Forest Products’ recent decision to permanently close its mill in Fort Frances, clearly the metaphor has taken on a new urgency.

Be informed

Lawns signs touting the various local candidates have sprung up around town but there’s little other evidence of “election fever” heading into the second week of the official campaign for the June 12 vote.

Look forward

“Devastating” was how local MP John Rafferty put it. A “final major blow,” according to Unifor. “Dismayed” was the reaction of Randy Nickle, the local Progressive Conservative candidate for the upcoming provincial election.

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